Why did we start the company

Imagine going to an Apple store. What if they sold your friend an iPad for $200 and the same iPad to you for $500. Would that be fair? No, but it's being done every day on your Cable, Cell Phone, Electricity, the Internet, Auto Insurance, Home Phone, Home Security and all other monthly bills. We are getting numb to companies taking advantage of us. We should be focused on friends and family instead of worrying about bills.

Our mission

BillTrim's mission is to get your bills to the lowest amount possible, monitor them for even lower rates and continue to do so forever so that you never have to worry about overpaying for a service again. BillTrim's proprietary technology and professional team work around the clock to reduce your bills. We know all the tricks of negotiation. Once you sign up, we do all the work and you get all the savings for a small percentage of your savings. Our work is guaranteed and at no risk. If we cannot save you money, then you owe us nothing.

Dipesh Desai

Dipesh is a technology entrepreneur looking to make an impact on the world. He cofounded BillTrim with Anu. He believes BillTrim is the future for all the bills.

Anu Sura

Anu is a tech genius helping BillTrim with their online efforts. He is the gatekeeper to any change made to website. He can integrate technologies very quickly.